What is tree surgery?

 "I remember once watching a professional arborist dismantle a huge beech tree. He spent the day methodically going from branch to branch, like a spider on it's web, roping down sections to the ground-man, until finally there was nothing but the trunk left. There he was roped to the lonely mast, 70 feet in the air, calmly continuing his business.

A sight like that makes you realise why it's worth paying for a skilled arborist and his ground-man, and why their insurance premiums are so high. Few amateurs will have a go at dentistry or the flying trapese, yet surprising numbers of us will have a go at tree surgery. The risks are great and it is a job best left to the professionals. 

Knowing just which way a tree will fall is a skill acquired only through practice. It depends on so many things, not just the balance of the tree, but the brittleness of the wood of some species, and the condition of the trunk."

                                                       Stephen Anderton from "Talking Tree Surgery" 

At The Treecare Company we believe it is important to look after this landscape and, in the case of large trees, to preserve our sylvan heritage. Indiscriminate pruning and felling of trees is at best a shame and at worst criminal damage. Making the correct assessment of a tree and carrying out quality workmanship on it is essential. This comes only with up-to-date knowledge and a depth of experience gathered from years of working with and observing trees: how they grow, the myriad pests and disease to which they can fall prey, how to move within them, what cuts to make to balance proportion and weight, how cut branches will behave as they are lowered, how the tree will fall and so on.